Oct. 10 -11, 2018 — San Francisco, CA


“The biggest take-away is how rapidly new technology is changing the market place. This is making the eTourism Summit an annual ‘must-attend’ from now on.” Norm Dwyer, Montana Tourism

“eTourism Summit for me displayed all new marketing opportunities and all the best players available in one place.” JT Thompson, Tahoe North CVB

“As someone new to the tourism industry this served as a great introduction to many of the people and concepts I will be interacting with and using for the rest of my career.” Connie Boudreax, Louisiana Tourism

“ETS is an elite conference that gets better with age. The organizers do a phenomenal job bringing in top national speakers in a format that is never boring. In addition to the educational value of the keynotes and break-outs, the single biggest takeaway is access. Access to sponsors, mega media brands like Twitter and Facebook, but also emerging companies that are tomorrow’s next best thing. The ETS organized conferences are all about getting and staying ahead.  And, as an agency with several travel and tourism clients, it’s important for me to know about new technology before my client does. “ Josh Mercaldo, Group Director, Tourism, DRAKE COOPER

“The eTourism team has done a wonderful job bringing relevant content together in an environment where business leaders can genuinely share and learn from one another through collaboration, case studies, networking  and open debate.    In a time where many conferences have morphed into an advertising platform for large corporate sponsors, the ETS events have been a hidden gem, highlighting quality content developed to help attendees grow and move the industry forward.”  Cecilia Dahl, Founder, Smart Destinations

“The eTourism summit has been a mandatory for me and my team since 2010.  Every year the eTourism team put together a fantastic group of tourism and tech leaders.  Their team manages to get vendors to provide valuable information without chasing you down for business.  It’s an amazing feat matched only by the actionable tactics and strategy insights we get every year.”   Jason Hackett, Chief Digital Officer, New York Cruise Lines

“eTourism Summit is most useful show I’ve ever attended.  The sessions were filled with practical ideas that I immediately brought to my team to improve our social media marketing. I learned about new tools and vendors that helped move our business to the next level.  Plus, it’s the only conference that updates me on every aspect of digital marketing in two days…”   Gary Hahn, Vice President, Marketing and Media, Elvis Presley Enterprises/Graceland

“The eTourism Summit offers a unique opportunity to spend quality time with trendsetters in the tourism industry, DMOs and smart vendors.  Working for a state tourism agency, this conference lets me see how other DMOs around the country and even in other countries deal with the issues we are faced with.

Because the Summit is limited to a set attendance, it never seems too big or chaotic.  You have time to get to know your fellow participants, share ideas and, most importantly, spend quality time with some of the industry’s technology and social media giants that are based in the Bay area.

After every eTourism Summit, I look forward every to bringing home new ideas to my team – or to just validate that the path we are on with some our marketing initiatives is the right path.  The Summit helps me to better understand where we are today and where we need to position ourselves in the coming year. “   Perry Baker, Interactive Manager/DiscoverSouthCarolina.com

“Every year digital media gets more expensive, and only an immersive  event like eTourism Summit enables me learn which new areas I should  be spending money on to get the greatest reach and exposure for my  brand. It’s also a place where I can discuss digital strategy with a  number of my peers and basically gather informal testimonials on  what’s working for them. It’s the one event that helps me do my job better. ”  Patrick Lennon, Destination Marketing Manager,  Visit Fairfax