Oct. 10 -11, 2018 — San Francisco, CA

Track 1: Content Marketing

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18 Oct 2017


(Tentative Agenda, Subject to Change.  Last update 10/4/17. (i) = Invited speaker, not yet confirmed.)



How do You Really Feel about Your Website?

How does an EEG machine measure your true emotional response to your website or digital Campaign? Biometric sensors for synched eye tracking, electroencephalography (EEG) and galvanic skin response (GSR) is the newest way to measure consumer response.  Sign up for 20 minute private demo sessions. Information on how to sign up will be provided at a later date. Presenter: Dale Jolley, Director, UVU Vivint Neuromarketing SMARTLab 

Dale Jolley

Track 1: What’s Your Content Marketing Strategy for 2018?

A panel of experts will discuss the following:

  • What’s your video strategy for 2018?
  • How will you be using influencers in 2018?
  • What is your Facebook/Instagram strategy for 2018?

Moderator: Ryan Thompson, CEO, Odyssey; Panel: Susan Thomas, CMO, Huntington Beach CVB; Josh Collins, Director, Digital Marketing, Visit Franklin; Wes Rhea, Chief Executive Officer, Visit Stockton

Wes Rhea
Susan Thomas
Ryan Thompson
Josh Collins

Track 1: Show and Tell: Steal These Ideas

  • How San Francisco Travel Sources Their “How To” Videos? It starts with the most frequently asked questions at their visitor’s center. Presenter: Clint Wolfrom, Senior Associate, Visitor Experience, San Francisco Travel Association
  • Make a Spectacle of Yourself: Montgomery County, PA is first to build an entire campaign around videos generated from Snapchat Spectacles. Presenter: Ed Harris, Chief Marketing Officer, Valley Forge CVB
  • Amelia Island’s Delicious Kitchen Co-Op: Partnering with a cooking school delivers great PR and ROI while leaving everyone with a good taste in their mouths. Presenter: Ktimene Axetell, Director, Digital Strategy, Amelia Island CVB
Clint Wolfrom
Ktimene Axetell
Edward Harris

Track 1: Comparison Shopping: Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories vs. FB Live vs. Periscope

Which is the most effective for you? Presenter: Dana Schmidt, Director of Social Media, Visit Philadelphia

Dana Schmidt

Track 1: A Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager

How do Social Media Managers from companies with vastly different budgets spend their time? Presenters: Sarah Kinsler, Social Media Manager, Galveston CVB; Carolyn Anderson, Social Media Manager, Visit KC; Caitlin Rick, Social Media Strategist, Explore Minnesota


Caitlin Rick
Sarah Kinsler
Carolyn Anderson

Track 1: Lunch

Lunch on your own.

Track 1: It’s Word-of-Mouth on Steroids: What’s Next for AI and UGC?

Automation has provided a new way to grab themes relevant content for website and marketing amplification. Presenter: Dan Holowack, Founder and CEO, CrowdRiff

Dan Holowack

Track 1: Panel: What is Your Video Marketing Strategy?

Best practices for video creation and video distribution by organizations with different budgets. Presenter: Ryan Callison, Director of Marketing and Communications, Visit Frisco and Gathan Borden, VP Marketing, VisitLEX; Justin Bresler, VP Marketing, Visit Denver Moderator: Ross Borden, CEO, Matador Network

Ryan Callison
Ross Borden
Gathan Borden
Justin Bresler

Track 1: Finding Emotional Touch Points that Form the Basis for Storytelling that Resonates with Travelers

How the research that Huntington Beach, a.k.a. surfcityusa.com, commissioned drove a bottom up strategy for storytelling and a top down branding system that yielded huge results in engagement. Presenters: Susan Thomas, VP Marketing, Huntington Beach CVB, Ryan Thompson, CEO, Odyssey

Susan Thomas
Ryan Thompson

Track 1: Show and Tell: How to Leverage the Natural Appeal of Animal Videos to Market Tourism

  • Lexington, Kentucky’s Latest Video Series was Filmed by Horses. Strap a Go Pro camera to a horse and see life from his perspective. Presenter: Gathan Borden, VP Marketing, VisitLex
  • Robotic Fish is Oregon’s Newest Video Star: Travel Oregon introduces 360 video using a talking fish as a tour guide. Presenter: Mo Sherifdeen, Director Integrated Marketing and Publishing, Travel Oregon
  • Georgia on My (Dog’s) Mind. What happens when a litter of squealing puppies takes over Georgia Tourism’s Instagram account to yelp about Georgia’s most pet friendly destinations. Presenter: Parker Whidby, Digital Content Specialist, Georgia Department of Economic Development and Tourism
Parker Whidby
Mo Sherifdeen
Gathan Borden

Track 1: Is Your Content Two-Faced?

Virginia Tourism found a new way to make their consumer-facing content available to their stakeholders and, at the same time, their stakeholders’ content is available to them – all fully measurable with SEO advantages for each of the source parties. Presenters: Dave Neudeck, Digital Marketing Director, Virginia Tourism Corporation; Fynn Glover, Founder, RootsRated Media

Dave Neudeck
Fynn Glover


Sponsored by TripAdvisor and Crowdriff

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