Oct. 10 -11, 2018 — San Francisco, CA

Oct. 19: General Session

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Day 1
19 Oct 2017


(Tentative Agenda, Subject to Change. Last update 10/4/17. (i) = Invited speaker, not yet confirmed.)

Case Studies: A Morning of Show and Tell

Continental Breakfast

Sponsored by Threshold 360

Executive Coaching

We’ve arranged to have experienced executive coach Jane Howard, Founder of Culture Effect, with us all day on Thursday Oct. 19 to conduct 30-minute Executive Coaching Sessions. While coaching is a process that usually goes on for a number of sessions over weeks of time, you’ll have an opportunity to get a little taste of that process by signing up for a complimentary 30-minute session on that day.  Come prepared to discuss a problem or concern in your life.   The eTourism Summit Executive Coaching is available to DMOs and Suppliers only.  Information on how to sign up will be provided at a later date. First come first served.

Jane Howard

Website User Experience (UX) Testing Sessions

eTourism Summit attendees may sign up for a Complimentary Website User Experience (UX) Testing Session of your company’s website which will be facilitated on-site on October 19 by Destination Analysts. You will get to observe how one of Destination Analysts’ expert usability moderators guides a live consumer thru your company’s website. The consumer will share their first impressions of the website, the website’s ability to inspire trip or purchase decisions, and the ease of website use and navigation. Come prepared with your own questions for the consumer and walk away with actionable insights about how consumers interact with your company’s website!  There are a limited number of time slots, first come first served. Information on how to sign up will be provided at a later date.

What will the digital DMO look like in 2023?

A unique perspective as Will Seccombe, the former CEO of Visit Florida, reveals his insights as to how Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence and even Block Chain will change the Tourism Industry.

Will Seccombe

The Evolution of Influencer Marketing: Finding the Right Influencer for the Right Destination or Attraction

  • Where to start
  • How to identify the right influencer
  • Building a relationship
  • Evaluating their value
  • How to negotiate a price
  • Should influencer marketing live with P.R. or digital department

Presenter: Shea Carter, VP Social & Experiential Marketing, MMGY Global and Carolyn Anderson, Social Media Manager, Visit KC

Carolyn Anderson
Shea Carter

Uh-Oh. We’ve Got 2 Million Minutes of Video. Now What?

If you’re Seattle, you open your own YouTube channel. Then what? Presenter: David Newman, Creative Director, Visit Seattle

David Newman

Leveraging a DMO’s Online Authority to Improve the Visitor Experience

DMOs are uniquely qualified to capitalize on the domain authority and high search result rankings created by their wealth of relevant and frequently updated web content. By creating a mobile optimized online marketplace for experiences, Visit Houston has built on existing strength in attracting website visitors and moved to converting them to real life visitors. Presenters: Carla Brademan, Marketing Manager, Visit Houston and Mo Parikh, CEO, Bandwango


Carla Brademan
Mo Parikh

Why We Built Our Own Rural Product Development Studio

They came, they saw, they identified tourism product and then helped rural destinations promote it through digital marketing. Presenter: Mo Sherifdeen, Director Integrated Marketing and Publishing, Travel Oregon

Mo Sherifdeen

How do You Really Feel About your Website? How an EEG Machine Measures Your true emotional response to your website or digital campaign

Biometric sensors for synched eye tracking, electroencephalography (EEG) and galvanic skin response (GSR) is the newest way to measure consumer response. Personal demos on request! Presenters: Jay Kinghorn, Director of Communications and Digital Strategy, Utah Office of Tourism, Dale Jolley, Director, UVU Vivint Neuromarketing SMARTLab and Professor of Marketing at Utah Valley University

Dale Jolley
Jay Kinghorn

Thinking Outside the Box: Marketing Deals with Untraditional Partners

  • BuzzFeed: Jeff Diner, Brand Development Manager, BuzzFeed; Lizz Warner, Senior Supervising Producer, Bring Me; Kwesi James, Producer, Bring Me
  • The Onion: Ashley Ray-Harris, Manager, Content Distribution, The Onion; Mo Sherifdeen, Director Integrated Marketing and Publishing, Travel Oregon
  • ChefsFeed: Sandy Shanman, COO, ChefsFeed; Robin McClain, VP Marketing and Communications, Destination DC
  • Lonely Planet: Josh Collins, Digital Communications Manager, Visit Franklin
Lizz Warner
Jeff Diner
Ashley Ray-Harris
Mo Sherifdeen
Robin McClain
Sandy Shanman
Josh Collins

Luncheon – Sponsored by Expedia Media Solutions and StreetSense

The Keys to Digital Marketing and Creative Engagement: How to reach travelers through interactivity, authenticity and strategic partnerships. Presenter: Erica Eyring, Director – North America, Expedia Media Solutions

The World’s First Vertically Integrated Agency for DMOs Offering Branding + Space+ Product Development+Marketing Strategy+Digital Strategy… launches at eTourism Summit.
Presenter: Ralph Thompson, Executive Director, Travel + Tourism at StreetSense

Sponsored by Expedia Media Solutions and StreetSense

Erica Eyring
Ralph Thompson

Hey, Let’s Start Our Own Apple TV Network:

Why Fort Lauderdale launched 24/7 programming on their own Apple TV channel. Presenter: Kim Butler, VP Marketing and Communications, Fort Lauderdale CVB

Kim Butler

What Assets and Toolkits Do You Need to Get You Through 2019?

There are virtually hundreds of choices and options, but what digital investments will bear the most fruit for the least amount of investment?  Presenter: Talia Salem, Founder, Urban Nomad and former Social Media director of Brand USA.


Talia Salem

eTourism Jeopardy Question: A: Local Film Schools Q: Where is the Affordable Talent I Need?

Working with local university film and journalism departments has worked content wonders for some tourism marketers. Alternatively, should DMOs outsource for those top storytelling skills? Presenter: Jeremiah Birnbaum, President, San Francisco Film School

Jeremiah Birnbaum

Is this The End of Social as We Know it?

Over the last 10 years, social media has had a meteoric rise resulting in now more than 2 billion people being active on social networks. A new industry and a new way of marketing were born – Twitter posts, Facebook ads, influencer programs, 360 videos, live-streams and many other formats. But influencers are now fake, bots are liking your Instagram photos and Facebook is miscalculating your video views. It is time to reset and look at social media in a new way: a tool to really understand your customer. Presenter: Martin Stoll, CEO, Sparkloft Media

Martin Stoll

What Will Apple’s New VR App Mean for the Tourism Industry?

VR and AR is a toy today for early adopters but with Apple “baking it in” the OS11 operating system, it will go mainstream, with millions carrying a VR/AR solution in their pockets. Our intrepid guinea pig, Laszlo Horvath, CEO, ActiveMedia will give it an early spin.

Laszlo Horvath

How destinations can use Airbnb’s Trips and Experiences to their advantage

Presenter: Izzy Rattner,Public Policy, AirBnB

Izzy Rattner

Shark Tank: Bright Shiny New Objects Vetted by eTourism Attendees

You are the judges. Our annual eTourism Summit’s Got Talent show has uncovered highly successful startups and some fascinating failures. This year’s list of companies have been pre qualified by a attendees who will be co-presenting companies we’ve invited. Each BSNo will make a 5-minute pitch followed by comments.


  • Jeffrey Weibel, Chief Marketing Officer, Flip.to and Scott Schult, VP Marketing, Visit Myrtle Beach 
  • Jonathan Ramirez, Market Developer, Umbel and Katie Cook, Digital Marketing Director, Austin CVB
  • Dan Healy, Founder and CEO, HiGuideBot and Drew Brown, Marketing Manager, Visit Buffalo/Niagara USA
  • Kirsten Brecht Baker, CEO and Co-Founder, Onvoy
Kirsten Brecht Baker
Jonathan Ramirez
Jeff Weibel
Scott Schult
Katie Cook

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