Oct. 18 - 19, 2017 — San Francisco, CA

Oct. 18: Concurrent Tracks

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Day 1
18 Oct 2017


(Tentative Agenda, Subject to Change.  Last update 7/17/17. (i) = Invited speaker, not yet confirmed.)



Track 1: What’s Your Content Marketing Strategy for 2018?

A panel of experts will discuss the following:

  • What’s your video strategy for 2018?
  • How will you be using influencers in 2018?
  • What is your Facebook/Instagram strategy for 2018?

Panel: Susan Thomas, CMO, Huntington Beach CVB (i); Josh Collins, Director, Digital Marketing, Williamson County CVB; Bill Karz, Director of Digital Marketing, Los Angeles Conference and Tourism Board (i)

Track 1: Show and Tell: Steal These Ideas

  • How San Francisco Travel Sources Their “How To” Videos? It starts with the most frequently asked questions at their visitor’s center. Presenter: Clint Wolfrom, Senior Associate, Visitor Experience, San Francisco Travel Association
  • Make a Spectacle of Yourself: Montgomery County, PA is first to build an entire campaign around videos generated from Snapchat Spectacles. Presenter: Ed Harris, VP Marketing and Communications, Valley Forge CVB
  • Amelia Island’s Delicious Kitchen Co-Op: Partnering with a cooking school delivers great PR and ROI while leaving everyone with a good taste in their mouths. Presenter: Ktimene Axetell, Director, Digital Strategy, Amelia Island CVB

Track 1: Comparison Shopping: Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories vs. FB Live vs. Periscope

Which is the most effective for you? Presenter: James Zale, VP Digital Strategy, Visit Philadelphia (i)

Track 1: Why Didn’t I Think of That?

How to Build an Audience on Instagram: With insanely valuable new features, Facebook’s younger sibling is becoming a must. Presenter TBA

How to Build an Audience on Snapchat: While there are several ways to slowly build an audience on Snapchat. Tennessee Department of Tourism found a unique way to build an audience on Snapchat…fast: Stage a Garth Brooks concert where free tickets could be obtained only through Snapchat. Presenter: Brian Wagner, Assistant Commissioner, Marketing, Tennessee Department of Tourism (i)

Track 1: Lunch

Lunch on your own.

Track 1: It’s Word-of-Mouth on Steroids: What’s Next for AI and UGC?

Automation has provided a new way to grab themes relevant content for website and marketing amplification. Presenter: Dan Holowack, Founder and CEO, CrowdRiff

Track 1: Finding Emotional Touch Points that Form the Basis for Storytelling that Resonates with Travelers

How the research that Huntington Beach, a.k.a. surfcityusa.com, commissioned drove a bottom up strategy for storytelling and a top down branding system that yielded huge results in engagement. Presenters: Susan Thomas, VP Marketing, Huntington Beach CVB, Ryan Thompson, CEO, MakeStoriesHuman.com

Track 1: Show and Tell: How we Use Animals to Market our Videos

  • Lexington, Kentucky’s Latest Video Series was Filmed by Horses. Strap a Go Pro camera to a horse and see life from his perspective. Presenter: Gathan Borden, VP Marketing, VisitLex
  • Robotic Fish is Oregon’s Newest Video Star: Travel Oregon introduces 360 video using a talking fish as a tour guide. Presenter: Mo Sherifdeen, Director Integrated Marketing and Publishing, Travel Oregon


(Tentative Agenda, Subject to Change.  Last update 7/17/17. (i) = Invited speaker, not yet confirmed.)


Track 2: Programmatic Buying for Poets

How does it work? What is DMP and what can it do for you?

  • Three Way SEM Campaign Smack Down. Pocono Mountains, PA pits Google vs. Bing vs. Facebook to see who has the best ROI. Presenter: Brian Bossuyt, Director of Marketing, Pocono Mountains CVB
  • The Attribution Game. Who should get credit for the conversion? Attribution performance metrics. Presenter: Dennis Yu, Chief Technology Officer, Bizmetrics, digital marketing consultant for the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors

Track 2: ROI Mixology is Like Creating Your Own Data Cocktail

What recipe mixing Expedia, Adara, Arrivalist, Buxton, Fare Compare, Sojern, Google, Facebook, Destination Analysts, Longwoods, DK Shifflet, TripAdvisor and Travelzoo is right for you? Presenter: TBA

Track 2: WTF: Welcome to Facebook – Learning to Get the Most Out of a Social Media Monopoly

  • Precision Targeting: Take a deep dive into the platform’s newest precision targeting features. Presenter: Brian Matson, Sr. Director Strategy and Education, TwoSix Digital
  • How Remarking and Retargeting Techniques are Creating Explosive Conversion. Presenter: TBA
  • How Many Ways Can You Target Look-Alike Audiences? Facebook, Google, email marketing. Presenter: TBA

Track 2: Lunch

Lunch on your own

Track 2: Are You Smart Enough to Dumb Down Your Data?

Simplifying complex data from spreadsheets to infographics is one way to educate clueless funders. (i.e. city councils, boards, legislators, etc.) Presenter: Aaron Pickering, Business Intelligence Analyst (and former TV weatherman), Simpleview

Track 2: What We Learned from Spending $2 Million on Digital Media

Presenter: Jay Kinghorn, Director of Communications and Digital Strategy, Utah Tourism

Track 2: How to Replace – and Explain to Management – Traffic Lost to Google’s Algorithm Changes

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing your organic traffic decline, but it’s the natural evolution of search marketing. Find out how your peers have affordably replaced their traffic. Moderator: Laszlo Horvath, CEO, ActiveMedia with panelists, TBA

Track 2: Show and Tell: It’s Strategic

  • Visit Austin Unearths New Vendor that Can Level-Up Their Consumer Data. This new software is able to enhance consumer data and help acquire new audiences through social media, sweepstakes, web, Wi-Fi hubs and e-mail marketing in one package. Presenter: Katie Cook, Director of Digital Marketing, Visit Austin
  • What We Learned from a Campaign that Didn’t Live Up to Expectations. Last season, Visit Savannah engaged in a $175,000 native ad campaign with a travel publisher that didn’t produce anywhere near the desired ROI. However, after analyzing the results, Savannah’s digital ad guru Zeek Coleman not only figured out what went wrong, but shares what he learned that would have boosted the ROI. Presenter: Zeek Coleman, Interactive Marketing Manager, Visit Savannah
  • What is the You-Can-O-Mizer? A new way to present an in-destination itinerary builder featuring attractions and events. Presenter: Richard Tammar, Director of Digital Strategy, Travel Portland
  • Facebook on $1 a Day. Presenter: Dennis Yu, Chief Technology Officer, Blitzmetrics

TRACK 3 – Meeting Planner Marketing (Morning Sessions)

(Tentative Agenda, Subject to Change.  Last update 7/17/17. (i) = Invited speaker, not yet confirmed.)

Track 3: How to Take Your Meetings Team Digital

A case study on the challenges Atlanta faced. After two years transitioning their sales department to using a digital approach, they are seeing tremendous results, but still have a tie to traditional. Presenter: Mya Surrency, Founder, Digital Edge

Track 3: Show and Tell: Best Out-of-Market Activations

  • A Taste of the South as Alabama Brings a Cheesecake Vending Machine to Times Square. Presenter: Lee Sentell, Director, Alabama Tourism Department
  • Denver Rocks the Red Rocks Amphitheatre for Folks in Downtown Chicago. Presenter: Justin Bresler, VP Marketing, Visit Denver
  • Bringing Florida SunCHIne to Chicago to Brighten up a Dreary Day. Presenter: Leroy Bridges, Media and Interactive Director, Visit St. Pete/Clearwater

Track 3: Show and Tell: A Look Inside

St. Pete/Clearwater’s video allows meeting planners to view the top 12 meeting sites in town in VR while actual meetings are in progress. Presenter: Leroy Bridges, Media and Interactive Director, Visit St. Pete/Clearwater

Track 3: Show and Tell: Sharing the Love

How can a DMO motivate hotels, restaurants and attractions to use their hashtag, engage on social, establish robust social media channels by holding a workshop to show them the benefits? Presenter: Laura Chmielewski, VP Marketing and Communications, Team San Jose

Track 3: Lunch

Lunch on your own.

Track 3 – Future of Website Design (Afternoon Sessions)

(Tentative Agenda, Subject to Change. Last update 7/17/17. (i) = Invited speaker, not yet confirmed.)

Track 3: Designing Websites for Tomorrow

Moderator: Richard Tammar, Director of Digital Strategy, Travel Portland; and Alex Heimann, Chief Strategy Officer, Tempest Interactive; Stephen Landau, Creative Director, The Forest For The Trees Interactive, Ltd.

Track 3: Will We Even Need Websites by 2022?

That’s only 5 years away. A panel of three web design experts discuss the future of web design as well as the future of websites themselves. Presenter: TBA

Track 3: Attractions Town Hall Meeting (By Invitation Only)

A panel of attraction marketers will lead an open Town Hall style discussion about digital marketing and ticketing issues. Moderator: Jason Hackett, CEO, Brier Katama. Panelists: TBA

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