Oct. 18 - 19, 2017 — San Francisco, CA

Track 1: Content Marketing

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18 Oct 2017


(Tentative Agenda, Subject to Change.  Last update 7/17/17. (i) = Invited speaker, not yet confirmed.)



Track 1: What’s Your Content Marketing Strategy for 2018?

A panel of experts will discuss the following:

  • What’s your video strategy for 2018?
  • How will you be using influencers in 2018?
  • What is your Facebook/Instagram strategy for 2018?

Panel: Susan Thomas, CMO, Huntington Beach CVB (i); Josh Collins, Director, Digital Marketing, Williamson County CVB; Bill Karz, Director of Digital Marketing, Los Angeles Conference and Tourism Board (i)

Track 1: Show and Tell: Steal These Ideas

  • How San Francisco Travel Sources Their “How To” Videos? It starts with the most frequently asked questions at their visitor’s center. Presenter: Clint Wolfrom, Senior Associate, Visitor Experience, San Francisco Travel Association
  • Make a Spectacle of Yourself: Montgomery County, PA is first to build an entire campaign around videos generated from Snapchat Spectacles. Presenter: Ed Harris, VP Marketing and Communications, Valley Forge CVB
  • Amelia Island’s Delicious Kitchen Co-Op: Partnering with a cooking school delivers great PR and ROI while leaving everyone with a good taste in their mouths. Presenter: Ktimene Axetell, Director, Digital Strategy, Amelia Island CVB

Track 1: Comparison Shopping: Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories vs. FB Live vs. Periscope

Which is the most effective for you? Presenter: James Zale, VP Digital Strategy, Visit Philadelphia (i)

Track 1: Why Didn’t I Think of That?

How to Build an Audience on Instagram: With insanely valuable new features, Facebook’s younger sibling is becoming a must. Presenter TBA

How to Build an Audience on Snapchat: While there are several ways to slowly build an audience on Snapchat. Tennessee Department of Tourism found a unique way to build an audience on Snapchat…fast: Stage a Garth Brooks concert where free tickets could be obtained only through Snapchat. Presenter: Brian Wagner, Assistant Commissioner, Marketing, Tennessee Department of Tourism (i)

Track 1: Lunch

Lunch on your own.

Track 1: It’s Word-of-Mouth on Steroids: What’s Next for AI and UGC?

Automation has provided a new way to grab themes relevant content for website and marketing amplification. Presenter: Dan Holowack, Founder and CEO, CrowdRiff

Track 1: Finding Emotional Touch Points that Form the Basis for Storytelling that Resonates with Travelers

How the research that Huntington Beach, a.k.a. surfcityusa.com, commissioned drove a bottom up strategy for storytelling and a top down branding system that yielded huge results in engagement. Presenters: Susan Thomas, VP Marketing, Huntington Beach CVB, Ryan Thompson, CEO, MakeStoriesHuman.com

Track 1: Show and Tell: How we Use Animals to Market our Videos

  • Lexington, Kentucky’s Latest Video Series was Filmed by Horses. Strap a Go Pro camera to a horse and see life from his perspective. Presenter: Gathan Borden, VP Marketing, VisitLex
  • Robotic Fish is Oregon’s Newest Video Star: Travel Oregon introduces 360 video using a talking fish as a tour guide. Presenter: Mo Sherifdeen, Director Integrated Marketing and Publishing, Travel Oregon

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