Oct. 18 - 19, 2017 — San Francisco, CA

Track 2: Digital Strategies & Performance

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18 Oct 2017


(Tentative Agenda, Subject to Change.  Last update 9/6/17. (i) = Invited speaker, not yet confirmed.)


Website User Experience (UX) Testing Sessions

eTourism Summit attendees may sign up for a Complimentary Website User Experience (UX) Testing Session of your company’s website which will be facilitated on-site on October 18 by Destination Analysts. You will get to observe how one of Destination Analysts’ expert usability moderators guides a live consumer thru your company’s website. The consumer will share their first impressions of the website, the website’s ability to inspire trip or purchase decisions, and the ease of website use and navigation. Come prepared with your own questions for the consumer and walk away with actionable insights about how consumers interact with your company’s website!  There are a limited number of time slots, first come first served. Information on how to sign up will be provided at a later date.

How do you Really feel about Your Website?

How does an EEG machine measure your true emotional response to your website or digital Campaign? Biometric sensors for synched eye tracking, electroencephalography (EEG) and galvanic skin response (GSR) is the newest way to measure consumer response.  Sign up for 20 minute private demo sessions. Information on how to sign up will be provided at a later date.

Track 2: Programmatic Buying for Poets

  • What is Your Paid Digital Strategy for 2017-2018? Presenters: Ktimene Axetell, Director, Digital Strategy, Amelia Island CVB; Justin Bresler, VP Marketing, Visit Denver
  • The Attribution Game. Who should get credit for the conversion? Attribution performance metrics. Presenter: Dennis Yu, Chief Technology Officer, Bizmetrics, digital marketing consultant for the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors
Ktimene Axetell
Justin Bresler
Dennis Yu

Track 2: ROI Mixology is Like Creating Your Own Data Cocktail

  • Not Content with Your Content? Measure it. See how the Poconos CVB, using a tech stack that included TripAdvisor, Arrivalist Mathematics was able to develop comparative metrics.
  • Three Way SEM Campaign Smack Down. Pocono Mountains, PA pits Google vs. Bing vs. Facebook to see who has the best ROI. Presenter: Brian Bossuyt, Director of Marketing, Pocono Mountains CVB; Matt Clement, Director of Marketing, Arrivalist; Todd Skelton, Head of Destination Marketing, Western US and Canada, TripAdvisor
  • How Storytelling Marketing Paid Off for Experience Kissimmee. Amplified by tactical paid digital media marketing, Experience Kissimmee experienced pleasantly surprising results. Presenters: Jason Holic, VP Digital Marketing, Experience Kissimmee; Howard Tietjen, Sr. Vice President, Madden Media
Todd Skelton
Jason Holic
Brian Bossuyt
Matthew Clement

Track 2: WTF: Welcome to Facebook – Learning to Get the Most Out of a Social Media Monopoly

  • Precision Targeting: Take a deep dive into the platform’s newest precision targeting features. Presenter: Brian Matson, Sr. Director Strategy and Education, TwoSix Digital
  • Announcing the Visual News Release. The trusty news release is being transformed by video, Instagram photography and other visual tools that render it more useful to today’s new media. Presenter: Ryan Callison, Director of Marketing and Communications, Visit Frisco
  • How Many Ways Can You Target Look-Alike Audiences? Facebook, Google, email marketing. Presenter: TBA
Ryan Callison
Brian Matson

Track 2: Lunch

Lunch on your own

Track 2: Are You Smart Enough to Dumb Down Your Data? Welcome to Dashboard Derby.

Simplifying complex data from spreadsheets to infographics is one way to educate clueless funders. (i.e. city councils, boards, legislators, etc.) Presenter: Aaron Pickering, Business Intelligence Analyst (and former TV weatherman), Simpleview

Aaron Pickering

Track 2: What We Learned from Spending $2 Million on Digital Media

Presenter: Jay Kinghorn, Director of Communications and Digital Strategy, Utah Tourism

Jay Kinghorn

Track 2: How to Replace – and Explain to Management – Traffic Lost to Google’s Algorithm Changes

How will you report digital success in the future? Has your digital traffic reached a plateau…or even, God forbid decreased? As digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others compete for consumers’ attention, will DMOs really need a website three years from now? How are websites evolving and what metrics will you be using to report web and digital success in 2017 and beyond? Panelists: Laszlo Horvath, CEO, ActiveMedia, James Zale, VP Digital Strategy, Visit Philadelphia; Bill Karz, VP Digital Marketing, Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board

James Zale
Laszlo Horvath
William Karz

Track 2: Show and Tell: It’s Strategic

  • Can Google Give DMO’s Credit Where Credit is Due? Google takes the first step to play nice in the DMO sandbox by launching a new program in collaboration between Miles and Visit St. Pete/Clearwater that enables destination marketers to review and contribute content across Google platforms such as street view and trips so that destinations can claim credit for interactions triggered outside their own websites. Presenters: Gray Lawry, Vice President, Strategy & Insights, MilesLeroy Bridges, Media & Interactive Director, Visit St. Pete/Clearwater
  • What We Learned from a Campaign that Didn’t Live Up to Expectations. Last season, Visit Savannah engaged in a $175,000 native ad campaign with a travel publisher that didn’t produce anywhere near the desired ROI. However, after analyzing the results, Savannah’s digital ad guru Zeek Coleman not only figured out what went wrong, but shares what he learned that would have boosted the ROI. Presenter: Zeek Coleman, Interactive Marketing Manager, Visit Savannah
Zeek Coleman
Leroy Bridges
Gray Lawry
Dennis Yu


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