Oct. 10 -11, 2018 — San Francisco, CA

Trends to Watch in 2018

This was last year’s look ahead. Digital Media Travel Trends for DMOs in 2018 Part One: Bigger themes in social and digital media—Macro Trends. Part Two: Trends pertinent to digital destination marketing—Micro Trends. Part Three: Share your comments.   Macro Trends 1. The digital duopoly: Facebook and Google account for 84% of global digital media and they’re growing at...
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Video, Video, Video: eTourism Summit Survey Reveals Takeaways, Challenges, Top Speakers

Post-eTourism Summit 2017 Survey results are in and here’s what you said about the top takeaways from the October conference. We also asked what keeps you up at night and who killed it onstage. Several attendees summed up takeaways and challenges pretty succinctly with the identical response: “Video, video, video.” Read more here.

18 State-of-the-Industry Updates at DigMe ’16

John Mangano, Sr. VP of comScore, opens with “The State of Digital Media in Travel.” Following his address, DigMe Summit in Philadelphia on April 13-14, 2016, presents 17 state-of-the-union-style talks — none more than 15 minutes — on everything from the state of attribution to the state of viewability. Read about the Facebook and Instagram Certification Workshop, the...
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DigMe ’16 Highlights: Value-added Workshops on Packed Agenda

Talk about learning on the job! DigMe ’16 highlights include a customized DMO Facebook Certification Workshop, a Genius Bar, a live UX Website Testing Panel and a Tourism Marketing Campaign Hack. Two days of interactive sessions at DigMe ’16, the sister conference of eTourism Summit, provide a value-packed program for DMOs and their digital media partners. DigMe ’16 Highlights Facebook...
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Whaa? Is DigMe Becoming a Three Ring Circus…

This year’s DigMe program is becoming a Three Ring Circus—and that’s what’s needed to provide the inside information AND the right experts who will help you advance in your career as a professional digital marketer. In addition to the ongoing conference sessions in Philadelphia on April 13-14, 2016, we’ve created concurrent customized opportunities: On the DigMe ’16...
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