November 9-10, 2020 — Orlando, FL


November 9 – 10, 2020
 Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando™
Orlando, FL

The eTourism Summit in-person agenda is actively being put together for November 9 – 10, 2020. We want to make sure we offer unique and relevant content, so check in soon for more information.

In-Person Agenda

Day 1
Monday, November 9, 2020

A Case Study: Data and Audience Sharing with Conversions  

This program features a case study on a northern Michigan resort – Crystal Mountain Resort – and how we leveraged their in-house resort reservation data to build custom and lookalike audiences and then leveraged audiences built from specific pages on the Traverse City DMO website. We have examples of how each audience performed in terms of conversion along with campaign creative and retargeting ads. We also have pixel data on conversions and can explain the process of using offline conversions to determine direct revenue from the campaign. 
  • Dave Serino, Founder & Chief Strategist, TwoSix Digital
Dave Serino

Attracting Smart, Responsible Travelers to Your Destination Attracting Smart, Responsible Travelers to Your Destination

Your industry is hurting and crying out for you to start marketing to bring visitors back. But your residents and government officials aren’t ready to welcome tourists back – and the media’s constant parade of stories showing mask-related fistfights and large groups flaunting social distancing measures isn’t helping your cause. Traditionally, destinations have targeted against attributes like HHI, interest-based personas and market origins, so, how do you a) target and recruit responsible travelers through your media strategy, and b) convince your residents and government stakeholders you’re not going to introduce the “second wave” of infections to your community? In this session, learn how you can work with programmatic and publisher partners to introduce new profile and targeting strategies for your media to ensure you’re bringing in the “right” visitors to your community, and how to convince skeptics that you’re not secretly trying to create herd immunity in your community.  


  • Nate HuffSenior Vice President, Miles Partnership
Nate Huff

Planning for Pivots

The only constant is change. If we needed a reminder of how true that is, 2020 kicked us in the face with that reality. In a world where the economic downturns, health crises and natural disasters converge, even the idea of planning ahead seems like an impossible task. But with the right toolsets and mindsets, marketers can build strategies with the fortitude to handle swift change by planning for pivots and adapting to an increasingly volatile marketplace. If 2020 has a silver lining, it’s made us rethink the “truths” that have guided our thinking in the past and showed all of us how resilient we can be.


Dulani Porter
Staci Mellman
Day 2
Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Three Digital Marketing Tactics to Reboot International Travel for 2021 on a Small Budget

Learn about how Visit Park City has developed a digital strategy to reach travelers in the UK, Australia, Brazil and Mexico at a shoestring marketing budget. By applying data-driven content tactics, Facebook/Instagram and Google can help you find the right global audience that will book travel in 2021 and future years. 
Florian Herrmann

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