Tuesday, October 13, 2020
1:00 pm

Treat Me, Don’t Trick Me.

Many former leisure and business travelers are going to take some convincing to pack their suitcase again. Disclosing safety and cleaning protocols are now considered table stakes for travel marketing during the pandemic, but any brand falling short of these new expectations is likely to be called out. At the same time, compelling storytelling and visuals are more important than ever as travelers seek an escape from endless hours at home. Striking a balance between developing trust and driving booking intent may sound tricky, but you’re in for a treat as our panelists uncover how to appeal to travelers during these scary times.


  • Jim JohnsonVice President, Account Planning, VDX.tv
  • Shannon Lowery, Content & Social Media Manager, Visit Savannah
  • Liz MabeDigital Marketing Director, Discover Puerto Rico
  • Lauren Seidl, Communication & Content Manager, Travel Wyoming
  • Brian WagnerAssistant Commissioner Marketing, Tennessee Department of Tourist Development

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