Scott Croucher

Scott Croucher is a London based social media speaker, trainer and success maker and is one of the leading experts on Twitter and Periscope in the UK. Plus has written one of the first Periscope Ebooks ‘The Periscope Powerhouse’. He has been on Twitter since 2009 and joined Periscope on day one and created sales via Periscope 5 days after his first broadcast which he does daily. Through his digital marketing company he train businesses in the UK and around the world on how to turn their social media activity using Twitter and Periscope in to business success! It always amazes me how few businesses are really seeing the success they desire through the Twitter Social Media platform.

Twitter and Periscope are all about building relationships by engaging with people. The stronger those relationships,the more likely they are to convert to customers! Therefore, it’s key for business to find ways that build trust online. This is where Scott Croucher comes in, he works with companies and helps them define their online brand, create a community around their brand/service which then builds trust and leads. The end results= paying customers!