Oct. 7 - 9, 2019 — San Francisco, CA

What Is eTourism Summit?

eTourism Summit is an event and a community.

Founded in 2000, eTOURISM SUMMIT is the glue between destination promotion and the latest practices and innovations in digital media.

Attendees get up-to-the-minute, real-life examples of the latest applications in video, content marketing, email marketing, search, social media, mobile and web design. They learn how fellow tourism marketers and their media agencies are using the newest tools to build incremental traffic at every stage of the funnel.

In an intimate setting, attendees get concrete ideas from their peers about how to get the most bang for their buck, learn guerilla marketing tactics, participate in interactive sessions, and hear about dozens of case studies to find out what’s working…and what’s not.

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Meet with travel marketing experts and explore the digital landscape.

What is eTourism Summit?

eTOURISM SUMMIT fuses the travel industry with Silicon Valley. Not only will attendees receive updated information on the latest trends in e-mail marketing, search, social media, mobile and web design, but they will learn how travel marketers are using new tools to build incremental website traffic for next-to-nothing…or nothing.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Destination Marketing Organizations
  • State and regional travel associations
  • Attractions
  • Cruise lines, airlines and hotels
  • Sports
  • International tour operators
  • Interactive marketing agencies
  • Advertising, PR and marketing agencies with travel industry clients
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Why Attend?

eTOURISM SUMMIT has amassed a collection of experts, researchers, and interactive marketers who are willing to share their experiences to help you solve problems and avoid costly mistakes.

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The eTSY Awards

Help us celebrate tourism excellence with the best of 2019 digital, tourism marketing in this series of awards in 13 categories.  

Check out the highlights from last year’s program. 

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