Why Attend?

Learn How to Use Free or Low-Cost Tools to Market Travel, Prove ROI and Save Money.

eTOURISM SUMMIT has amassed a collection of experts, researchers, and interactive marketers who are willing to share their experiences to help you solve problems and avoid costly mistakes.

  • Learn how travel marketers are using new tools to build incremental website traffic for next-to-nothing…or nothing.
  • Learn what’s worked for other travel marketers to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Know the latest interactive tools to better manage your third-party providers.
  • Access advice from different presenters and network with an intimate group of your peers in a two-day period
  • You can’t rely on “college interns,” outsourced subcontractors, or PR firms alone to get you company up to speed. This IS the Summit for all interactive travel media staff. You’ll also be able to gather opinions from peers who’ve already been through the same process.

Who Should Attend?

  • Destination Marketing Organizations
  • State and regional travel associations
  • Attractions
  • Cruise lines, airlines, and hotels
  • International tour operators
  • Interactive marketing agencies
  • Advertising, public relations, and marketing agencies with travel industry clients

Benefits of Attending

  • Pick the brains of pre-qualified experts on all aspects of interactive tourism marketing
  • Meet and network with the country’s leading e-commerce travel companies, all in one place.
  • Have access to selected presenters to answer any of your questions.
  • Get a deeper understanding of the trends that will be affecting your business over the next five years.