We’re proud to announce the 2024 ETSY Award Winner for Best Use of Sustainability and Social Responsibility Award: Costa Rica Tourism & Wheel the World.

The campaign was a partnership between Wheel the World and the Costa Rican Tourism Board. Its aim was to redefine Costa Rica as a premier destination for accessible travel in Latin America. The initiative utilized the voices of influential figures in social media within the disability community and a strategic giveaway, where 2,500 people participated. This helped to cast a spotlight on Costa Rica’s accessible itineraries run by local tour operators. Groups of influencers were taken on a once-in-a-lifetime trip around Costa Rica, and amazing content was created. This content was distributed through a targeted and organic social media campaign.

In addition to this, the campaign partnered with a local nonprofit: Red Costarricense de Turismo Accessible. The aim was to create better itineraries for travelers by training local hospitality professionals and mapping the accessibility of hotels, transportation, tours, and other venues. The campaign also collaborated to make a few beaches accessible by building mats made from recyclable plastic bottles.The results were terrific.

The combined audience of more than 300,000 followers was engaged, and the effort showcased the country’s commitment to seamless travel experiences for all. It also reached more than 9 million people and generated 121 bookings, significantly boosting interest among travelers with disabilities. The campaign also left an impact on the local communities by generating additional income for local businesses and infrastructure for locals with disabilities.

The organizations leveraged data and analytics to understand audience behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns, enabling them to tailor content and outreach strategies effectively. Analytics from social media platforms, websites, and CRM provided insights into which types of content resonated most, guiding our content and email marketing creation. Additionally, engagement metrics helped refine our influencer selection and geography, focusing on those with the highest impact.

Conversion data informed the decision-making process, allowing the groups to adjust tactics in real time to optimize campaign performance and ensure we met objectives. For example, the campaign improved out CTR for Costa Rica from 13% to 20%, bringing 150 users to websites related to Costa Rica.

Wheel the World Costa Rica

Key data points include:

  • Reached 9 million people who have an interest in accessible travel in the U.S.
  • Achieved a 39% conversion rate from the requested trips to Costa Rica, and generated 121 bookings.
  • By investing $63,000, the campaign achieved a 476% ROI, generating bookings for over $363,000.

Photo Credit: Wheel the World

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