We’re proud to announce the 2024 ETSY Award Winner for Best Emerging Technology Integration: Visit St. Pete/Clearwater & Adara.

Visit St. Pete/Clearwater partnered with Adara, a company that leverages data to provide value to destination marketing organizations. Together, VSPC and Adara created a private data Consortium, allowing VSPC to strengthen and expand its own first-party data collection.

The development of this data clean room or “Consortium” allows Visit St. Pete/Clearwater to merge its own audiences with Adara’s one billion digital identities in a privacy-compliant way, building a pool of identities that we can use to target digital marketing, measure campaign success, and inform business decisions. Data clean rooms are a technology that enables multiple parties (such as advertisers and their digital partners) to collaborate on sensitive data without compromising the integrity or confidentiality of the data.

In the case of VSPC’s Consortium with Adara, all Personally Identifiable Information is encoded and hashed into tokens, ensuring that the data is anonymized, protecting the privacy of customers.

In terms of target audience, the Consortium is intended to grow Visit St. Pete/Clearwater’s first-party audiences, which it does by collecting data across several owned and paid digital channels, including:

  • VisitStPeteClearwater.com
  • Visit St. Pete/Clearwater’s travel e-newsletter program
  • Paid digital media promoting St. Pete/Clearwater

The success of data collection was measured by the total volume of tokens and identities collected.

More than 50 million distinct tokens were collected, representing more than 40 million unique consumer identities.

Even more impressive, the more general first-party audience segment generated a very impressive 27% Engagement per Click rate, while the segment with first-party audiences AND Florida travel intenders generated a 47% Engagement per Click rate, which compares to rates of between 2% to 11% for VSPC’s primary third-party audiences.

Photo Credit: VisitStPeteClearwater.com

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