Watch on demand videos from eTourism Summit 2020. With 49 sessions and 90+ speakers, this year’s event was filled with great content. You can still experience the community that is eTourism Summit by watching virtual and in-person sessions below. We will release five new sessions every week, so come back and visit us weekly.

eTourism Summit 2020 Virtual Sessions

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Sarah Quinlan Keynote: Winning the Travel Race – It’s Not a Marathon, It’s a Sprint

There has been a fundamental shift in travel, especially within the leisure segment. Consumer confidence is at an all time low. How do we shift the consumer’s mindset in these unprecedented times? What can you do to survive? Sarah will provide current market insights along with quick, actionable steps you can implement to win now.
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Balancing Resident Sentiment with Traveler Sentiment in 2021

Before anyone ever heard of Covid-19, Longwoods International conducted a survey of 4,000 adults to measure perceptions and attitudes about tourism and the impact of tourism on residents in a community. Enter Coronavirus. Since March, Longwoods International has been conducting more surveys in weekly waves to dig deeper into American resident sentiment about travel to their community. Answers aren’t simple: it’s a double-edged sword.

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With Scarcity Comes Clarity

“2021 Marketing Plan”: Those are three scary words, right? But this is your mission should you choose to accept it. We’re facing an economic and health crisis all at once. Although “unprecedented” was the cliché of 2020, we don’t yet know if “recovery” will be the keyword for 2021. What we do know is that scarcity brings clarity: We are challenged to figure out how we can be frugal, how we can be prudent, and above all, how we can gain trust.
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The Numbers Game is Over Replace ROI with ROO (Return on Objective)

What does success look like? The days of biggest and best, tallying up visitor percentage increases, and counting heads in beds are over. When KPIs change, as they now must, the ROI needs to be adjusted as well. What will new KPIs mean for tourism marketing and stakeholders?
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Brian Solis Keynote Tourism Innovation in the Novel Economy and Beyond in a Post COVID World

Learn how to innovate now, rather than hunkering down just to play it safe. See new opportunities that you couldn’t see before. Brian will also bring fresh ideas and examples from his friends in the travel innovation space.

Sharpen the Tools in Your Box DMO Marketing Stacks That Work for Your Team

When you’re standing at the top of the ladder, it’s the wrong time to discover that the screwdriver in your hand doesn’t fit. Discover what tools are out there and which ones your team needs to get the job done well in this shifting, challenging environment.
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Shifting Your Brand Positioning When Culture, Shopping, Dining, & Fun for the Whole Family Disappear

Every destination needs to take a good, long look at brand promise. Update the website, content, social messaging and advertising only after doing a meaningful brand audit. Do you know how and where to begin?
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Your Target Traveler Has Changed How Do You Reach Them Now

The travel landscape has changed drastically, and who used to come to your destination is probably not the same as those coming to your destination now, or booking a trip in the near future. So, who is your new target audience and how do you reach them? Hear the latest data from Expedia Group on traveler sentiment and learn more on how to best reach them with the right message at the right time.

Treat Me, Don’t Trick Me

Many former leisure and business travelers are going to take some convincing to pack their suitcase again. Disclosing safety and cleaning protocols are now considered table stakes for travel marketing during the pandemic, but any brand falling short of these new expectations is likely to be called out. At the same time, compelling storytelling and visuals are more important than ever as travelers seek an escape from endless hours at home. Striking a balance between developing trust and driving booking intent may sound tricky, but you’re in for a treat as our panelists uncover how to appeal to travelers during these scary times.
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NYC & Company Keynote Grass Roots Recovery Doubling Down on Community

Community and tourism are inextricably linked. New York City gives us the best example of a mega-sized destination taking a micro-sized granular approach to re-building through public and private community partnerships, beginning with residents as the foundation. Building strong partnerships in tough times will benefit the destination in good times to come.

Show Me the Money: TikTok or Not? How Do We Know What to Do In 2021

The marketing landscape is more complicated than ever. How can we look ahead into 2021 when we have no idea what the world will look like next week. Deciding where to invest your brand’s efforts is a daunting task but it’s good to know you’re driving on a two-way street. There is a way to track social media sentiment and trends in real time to best inform your priorities and focus.

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Do Pictures Really Paint 1,000 Words

Visuals are crucial to successful marketing initiatives. The images and videos we use have an enormous impact on the success of our digital campaigns. Do your assets align with our new reality? They better! We’ll look at some of the more innovative things others in the industry have been doing to make sure their visual assets are relevant, reassuring, and inspiring during these challenging times.

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Without Booming Tourism, Is There Any Room—Or Need—For Influencer Marketing

Everything you always knew about influencers has changed…or maybe not? How is coronavirus affecting travel influencers and destination marketing plans? The debate is on. For sure, we can all agree that overtourism is yesterday and that diversity is now, getting much needed attention in brand promotions everywhere.
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Who’s Passionate About Virtual Everything? Nobody.

Meetings Marketing: Nobody, but nobody, would argue that online networking is better than in-person meetings. There’s certainly a sensory aspect to live events that virtual cannot replicate. That said, we must all do our best to put a band-aid on this wound while it heals. And, it’s essential that we talk about it now.

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Down For Whatever, Just Not Right Now: Timely Marketing to Passion Points

Going to the beach and taking hikes in state and national parks were so last summer. Ski resorts are facing complications. There’s limited access to museums; live sports and cultural performances are unlikely to be open at all. So how do urban and suburban destinations market to people’s passions in the post-Covid reality?

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How the Tourism Landscape is Changing: Why Identity Matters and the Death of Cookies

The COVID-19 pandemic and the current trend of third-party cookie deprecation has had a big impact on the tourism industry – it’s never been more important for marketers to gain a more nuanced understanding. Constrained marketing budgets, limited resources and understanding where to invest marketing dollars to maximize ROI are key challenges DMOs are facing. With the lack of ‘actual travel intent’, creating demand is the new name of the game. It’s crucial to find, attract and connect with people who want to (safely) travel, so you can boost your economy and bring value to your local community when they need it most.

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Keynote Panel: Facebook, Google and Pandora

Brainiacs Without the Bluster: A keynote panel of travel vertical leaders from the digital space add their personal insights and insiders’ perspectives to suggest what 2021 will look like…fasten your seatbelt.

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Use the Power of Data and Machine Learning to Strengthen Your Travel and Tourism Brand

Branding is your biggest asset—a strong, trustworthy brand makes all the difference. Yet, with so much content, channels and noise out there, only the most useful brands are being rewarded with people’s time and attention. Data and machine learning are the best allies to become that brand.

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How These Cool Tools and Platforms Embraced the Truism that ‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’

Did you know that Airbnb, Uber, WhatsApp, Slack, Square, and Venmo were all born out of the last recession? It will happen again…silver linings are out there in 2020. Let’s take a look at innovation that has already been released by lockdown and a few seeds that have been planted for 2021 and beyond.

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Demystified: Measuring Campaign Success

More so than ever marketers must be able to show that an investment in media drove actual visitation. What tools are available to you today, how do they work, what do they capture, and what don’t they. In this session, we will hear from the vendors themselves, ask the tough questions, and see how they stack up and at the same time delve into how they are evolving their product to adhere to the ever-evolving privacy restrictions.
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Coaxing Folks Off the Couch Exploring the Backyard & Beyond Plus the Power of Downtown

Your 2021 marketing plan is probably dotted with partners who didn’t appear in last year’s marketing plan, right? Well done. If not, this is the time to lay down foundations and leverage relationships with local partners to rebuild and make small, strategic strides toward recovery in 2021.
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Rethinking Your Strategy During COVID

The tourism industry has been hit hard by COVID-19, forcing destinations to cut programs and scale back. But It’s also provided DMOs with an opportunity to rethink their strategies and investments. In this session, Simpleview will share a few examples of how destinations are using data to adapt their marketing strategies.

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Travel Industry Hot Takes

Join Destination Analysts who will lead a heated and hilarious discussion with a panel of very opinionated travel industry “professionals” as they debate “unpopular opinions” about our industry.


Machine Learning Workshop presented by CRANT

During this one hour virtual workshop we will demystify Machine Learning and understand the different types of that you might already have available. We will dissect a case study in the travel and tourism sector, walking you through the whole process and having a sneak peak behind the scenes–from collection to processing to applications of machine learning and advanced analytics. These are all ingredients that leading companies leverage to make a difference today.
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Curated Crystal Ball Alert. “See Tomorrow” is More Important Than Ever: 21 Predictions for 2021

Raise your hand if you learned a ton this year…the hard way. While nobody saw 2020 coming and we don’t have a crystal ball for 2021, we do have some of the best and brightest minds in travel and tourism to talk about “21 Predictions for 2021.” And that includes you. Submit your one top prediction within the session chart and we’ll pool the most frequently mentioned ones so a panel of experts can comment.

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21 Takeaways to Carry Into 2021

The hallmark of eTourism Summit? Thought-provoking takeaways for sharing to navigate the way ahead. We asked attendees, moderators, speakers and sponsors in order to whittle the list down to 21.

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eTourism Summit 2020 In-Person Sessions

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