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Watch on demand videos from eTourism Summit 2020. With 49 sessions and 90+ speakers, this year's event was filled with great content. You can still experience the community that is eTourism Summit by watching virtual and in-person sessions below. We will release five new sessions every week, so come back and visit us weekly.

eTourism Summit 2020 Virtual Sessions

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Sarah Quinlan Keynote: Winning the Travel Race – It’s Not a Marathon, It’s a Sprint

There has been a fundamental shift in travel, especially within the leisure segment. Consumer confidence is at an all time low. How do we shift the consumer’s mindset in these unprecedented times? What can you do to survive? Sarah will provide current market insights along with quick, actionable steps you can implement to win now.
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The Numbers Game is Over Replace ROI with ROO (Return on Objective)

What does success look like? The days of biggest and best, tallying up visitor percentage increases, and counting heads in beds are over. When KPIs change, as they now must, the ROI needs to be adjusted as well. What will new KPIs mean for tourism marketing and stakeholders?
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With Scarcity Comes Clarity

“2021 Marketing Plan”: Those are three scary words, right? But this is your mission should you choose to accept it. We’re facing an economic and health crisis all at once. Although “unprecedented” was the cliché of 2020, we don’t yet know if “recovery” will be the keyword for 2021. What we do know is that scarcity brings clarity: We are challenged to figure out how we can be frugal, how we can be prudent, and above all, how we can gain trust.
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Balancing Resident Sentiment with Traveler Sentiment in 2021

Before anyone ever heard of Covid-19, Longwoods International conducted a survey of 4,000 adults to measure perceptions and attitudes about tourism and the impact of tourism on residents in a community. Enter Coronavirus. Since March, Longwoods International has been conducting more surveys in weekly waves to dig deeper into American resident sentiment about travel to their community. Answers aren’t simple: it’s a double-edged sword.

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Brian Solis Keynote Tourism Innovation in the Novel Economy and Beyond in a Post COVID World

Learn how to innovate now, rather than hunkering down just to play it safe. See new opportunities that you couldn’t see before. Brian will also bring fresh ideas and examples from his friends in the travel innovation space.


Treat Me, Don’t Trick Me

Many former leisure and business travelers are going to take some convincing to pack their suitcase again. Disclosing safety and cleaning protocols are now considered table stakes for travel marketing during the pandemic, but any brand falling short of these new expectations is likely to be called out. At the same time, compelling storytelling and visuals are more important than ever as travelers seek an escape from endless hours at home. Striking a balance between developing trust and driving booking intent may sound tricky, but you’re in for a treat as our panelists uncover how to appeal to travelers during these scary times.
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NYC & Company Keynote Grass Roots Recovery Doubling Down on Community

Community and tourism are inextricably linked. New York City gives us the best example of a mega-sized destination taking a micro-sized granular approach to re-building through public and private community partnerships, beginning with residents as the foundation. Building strong partnerships in tough times will benefit the destination in good times to come.

Sharpen the Tools in Your Box DMO Marketing Stacks That Work for Your Team

When you’re standing at the top of the ladder, it’s the wrong time to discover that the screwdriver in your hand doesn’t fit. Discover what tools are out there and which ones your team needs to get the job done well in this shifting, challenging environment.
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Shifting Your Brand Positioning When Culture, Shopping, Dining, & Fun for the Whole Family Disappear

Every destination needs to take a good, long look at brand promise. Update the website, content, social messaging and advertising only after doing a meaningful brand audit. Do you know how and where to begin?
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Your Target Traveler Has Changed How Do You Reach Them Now

The travel landscape has changed drastically, and who used to come to your destination is probably not the same as those coming to your destination now, or booking a trip in the near future. So, who is your new target audience and how do you reach them? Hear the latest data from Expedia Group on traveler sentiment and learn more on how to best reach them with the right message at the right time.

eTourism Summit 2020 In-Person Sessions

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