A free bi-monthly series of 60-minute online conversations with eTourism Community friends and colleagues sharing insights into the current climate and future direction.

Why? Because for more than 20 years, eTourism Summit has looked beyond today to “See Tomorrow” in an intimate setting that stimulates exchanges and ideation. We’re dedicated to providing a year-round forum to facilitate a continuing real-time exchange of ideas in this fast-changing environment. We hope you’ll join us as both presenters and audience.

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Upcoming Conversations

See the Forest AND the Trees: Top Learnings From 2020 as Guideposts for 2021

Adam Stoker, President & CEO, Relic Advertising + EKR
  • Kaitlin Eskelson, President & CEO, Visit Salt Lake
  • Cheryl Shallanberger, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Ventura Visitors & Convention Bureau
  • Robb Wells, President & CEO, Greater Beaufort – Port Royal Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Past Conversations

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DMO Data Hoarding and How to Declutter (an industry self-help group discussion)

Clutter is nothing more than decisions you will never make. Hoarding is the persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions, regardless of their actual value. In our DMO industry, we often hoard data.  We’ve had to justify our existence for decades so we’ve created this fear if we don’t report the same metrics we did last year we may lose our budget.  We experience distress at the thought of getting rid of the items we have in our spreadsheets. There is so much data out there: Marketing attribution, STR reports, Surveys, website statistics, jobs data, relocations…  and tons more. We need to declutter! DMOs are spending too much money and they don’t need everything available. Together we can create a method using the correct insights and best data to make a better case to our stakeholders much easier and more compelling in the future. 


  • Ted Sullivan, CMO, Entrada Insights
  • Esra Calvert, Chief Data Advisor, Entrada Insights


  • Zeek Coleman, Director of Data Intelligence, Visit Savannah
  • Mitch Whitten, Executive Vice President for Marketing & Strategy, Visit Fort Worth
  • Janette Carter, Director of Marketing & Communications, Visit Tampa Bay
  • Andria Godfrey, Vice President, Longwoods International 
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