Sign-up for Cool, Free Opportunities at eTS but First Come, First Served!

As an eTS attendee, you have access to many cool (and free) opportunities which are outlined below. We like to think of it as reinvented SWAG. Maximize your eTourism Summit experience by signing up for those you are interested in and plan to attend; there are limited spots for each.  

Innovation Station (a.k.a. Emerging Technologies on Parade) (Oct. 9, 12:30 – 5 pm)
For those interested in new tech partnerships, come in a little early and watch a curated group of 20+ companies make 10 minute presentations. More details here. Free to attend, but space is limited to room occupancy. Register for this free add-on here.

Real-Time UX Testing (Oct. 10)
An online group will perform basic tasks on your mobile site…while you watch on live video! Dedicate 15 minutes of your conference time to watch live usability.  Limited to 25 eTS attendees. Sign up here.

Fast-Track Executive Coaching (Oct. 10)
Elevate your career! Thirty-minute executive coaching session with a former hotel industry Chief People Officer who works with nonprofits and Silicon Valley tech companies such as Twitter. Limited to 12 eTS attendees. Sign up here.

Blind Date (and Free) Lunch (Oct. 10, 12:30 – 2:15 pm)
Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch? If you sign up for the blind date lunch, you will be hosted at a nearby restaurant by one of our amazing sponsors who will facilitate discussions with peers you may or may not know. Lunch is their treat. Sign up here.

My Ads Are Running Where? (Oct. 11)
WTF: How did that happen? Thanks to TripAdvisor, you will be able to meet in 10-minute appointments to review a Pathmatics report detailing the websites on which your programmatic digital ads are appearing. Limited to 40 eTS attendees. Sign up here.

Flop City: Where Losers Can Win $1000 (Oct. 11, 5 – 5:30 pm)
Where else can flopping pay you $1000? We will reward the best lesson learned from campaigns, websites, videos, or social media that could only be described as a challenge, flop, dud, fiasco, or bomb. Win a cash prize or credit towards your eTS registration by sharing. Interested? Sign up here.