Finding Our Collective Genius

A word from Jake Steinman, Founder and CEO

 “What a difference 15 years makes. 

At the time of the first eTourism Summit in 2000, Mark Zuckerberg was a high school sophomore, Google’s eight employees had unpacked the boxes following a move from a friend’s garage into rented office space, and the yet-to-be-born iPod was the apple of Steve Jobs’ eye.

As we mark our own 15th, we shift the emphasis from “Staying Ahead of the Digital Curve” to “Finding Our Collective Genius” to underscore the fact that none of this stuff matters worth a darn unless people’s imaginations are captivated by it.

Without engagement, without collaboration, without user-generated content, without excellent search and next generation technology…and a passion for tourism…we may as well revert to three-masted clipper ships and the Pony Express. 

 So, thanks for being part of our Collective Genius — not just once every 15 years, but all through the weeks and months in-between. 

 As is our hallmark, we’re looking forward to catching up with hand-picked thought leaders who stand (but do not stand still for long) at the intersection of digital marketing and tourism. And, we’re looking forward to hearing from you: the bridge that joins what we discover we can do and what we actually get done. 

 Looking forward to seeing each of you in October.”